Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is the fourth blog entry that I've geared toward Christmas. Fourth. Did I mention that I'm obsessed with this holiday? Ugh. I irritate myself. Poor Ben.

My great aunt Nyle has created homemade Christmas ornaments for as long as I can remember. Each family member on my dad's side receives one, and no ornament is ever the same as the previous year. For 22 years my ornaments hung on my parent's tree. When Ben and I got married, those ornaments came with us, and graced the branches of Doug (our beloved first Christmas tree). I appreciate these pieces of my past so much more now that I'm older. Each decorative trinket is unique and signifies a specific year in my life. When I look at our tree, completely embellished, I feel like I am scanning through a mini-slideshow of my past; I love the thought of something so small generating such an impact on my emotions. 

Below, I've highlighted a few holiday decorations in our home. (Just in case some of it is hard to decipher, here's the breakdown, from left to right, top to bottom - A "new home" ornament from my Nana given after we purchased our house, "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" ornament, green cone and white "button" Christmas tree ornaments made by Aunt Nyle, Mistletoe!, Star tree topper, angel ornament by Aunt Nyle, Putter (obviously :)), Santa and Snowman, and a little bit of nostalgia -"Our First Christmas Together" ornament from '07:


On another note, the photos above were taken with our incredible new Canon 5D's! We have been wanting to make the switch from Nikon to Canon for awhile now, but we've been waiting for the right timing, the right deal, the right amount of money in our bank account. I can't say that we were completely on point with that last stipulation, but sometimes, in order to make progress, you just have to bite the bullet. :)

We are such satisfied customers and truly feel that we will be able to take our photography to the next level with our upgraded equipment. An added bonus to this purchase? I got to cross another goal off of my 30 before 30 list! So the count is - 2 down, 28 more to go! :)


Entrenador said...

¡La 5 D es apretada! ¡Venga en con Putter! Adore los ornamentos.

Anonymous said...

The pics of the ornaments are beautiful - and I think the fav pic has to be the Putter pic. :)

Mike and Tina

Anonymous said...

Dorian and I have that same "our first home" key ornament. Hope you guys are well. Will you be in LW at all for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

The last ornament on the top row of pictures was also made by your Aunt Nyle and was made from old raggedy family quilts she cut into triangles and fashioned into tree shaped ornaments for everyone. Such history!
Love you bunches,