Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It just keeps getting better.


We just can't help ourselves. We love to share. We love to give. Giving is awesome. 

We're happy to announce our second (and even more exciting) holiday special offer. We'd love to take credit for this ingenious idea below, but we actually swiped it from Pennsylvania-based photographer, Kristen Kalp. Kristen is the founder of Giving is Awesome - a worldwide photography effort to "give back" to our communities. Like we said, ingenious. We feel so fortunate to have a career in photography - something that we are so passionate about. And now we feel equally fortunate to be able to take part in this opportunity to contribute to a truly worthy, charitable cause.

Here's the 411:

You know someone. You know someone who's experienced a tragedy, is struggling to stay afloat, is raising kids while holding down more than one job, or is volunteering selflessly despite extenuating personal circumstances. You know someone who can't afford custom photography, but who would cherish it this holiday season. You know someone who deserves captured memories. 

You know someone. We guarantee it.

We want to know who they are, and we want to give them the chance to experience complimentary custom photography -- $500 worth, to be exact. The recipient will receive their choice of one of our various photography sessions (Engagement, Just Because, Trash the Dress, or Spotlight), a $100 print credit, and a beautiful 11x14 canvas print. It's in your power to give them the opportunity that they deserve this holiday season.

Icing on the cake? The person who nominates the winner receives a Just Because session with us, and a $50 print credit. All you have to do is show some love. It's that simple.

The rules:

* You cannot nominate yourself, and the person nominated must sincerely be incapable of purchasing our services. (Being unable to make mortgage payments for a two-million-dollar-vacation-home in Paris does not qualify as sincere financial need :)).

* The nominee must reside in Florida. Tell us who you know, what they're experiencing, and why they deserve our services. Please include a way to contact both your nominee and yourself as well.

* You must e-mail us the full story. 

The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve -- so start nominating! We cannot wait to hear your stories, and we feel so humbled to be participating in this experience.

Open your heart to someone this holiday season -- and thanks for giving us the opportunity to open ours.

Lots of love,

Ben and Amy <3

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Heidi Mitchell said...

Love it! That's so great :) I need to do it, too!