Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ugly Sweaters.

Standing in the middle of Lowes, I gave Ben my best "you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me" look. He was trying, unsuccessfully, to convince me that we should purchase the tiny, chincy-looking Christmas tree on display that was "only 40 bucks." His bargain-based argument may have worked on another day, another issue. But not today. And not when we're talking about Christmas trees.

Christmas is a big deal to me. Ok, that may be a slight understatement. I'm annoyingly obsessed. The decoration, cheerful attitudes, special songs, gift wrapping - it's my happy place. 

So as we were leaving Lowes with our (much more respectable) Christmas tree, I turned to Ben and made a guarantee - "You'll thank me." He rolled his eyes, but I definitely caught the glimpse of excitement in his eyes later that night when we hung the last ornament and flipped the light:



In other holiday news, we attended a Journey staff Christmas party a few days ago. The theme was "Ugly Sweater" and a prize was at stake for the worst (or best?) of the group. I'm proud to announce that my knitted gem (which was lovingly referred to as "Florida Christmas") helped me take home the title of runner-up! Smelling like mothballs was well worth the bragging rights. Here's a glance at our stylish group:


I'm on the right; the one donning crocheted fish along the hem of my sweater. I was beat out by the guy in the center with the red, homemade threads. A worthy competitor, for sure.

And here's a little bonus:


He totally rocked that floral print. And by "totally rocked," I mean "totally creeped me out."


Ashley McCormick Photography said...

Hahaha. Oh Ben. That sweater is amazing. Amy, good for you for getting him to wear it ;)

Love your tree!! Can't wait to put ours up!

Jenny said...

HAHAHAHA I died laughing at this post. I miss you both a lot. What do you mean those sweaters are ugly... they rock! ;) jk. anyway... love the tree and I wish I had one too... :( see your beautiful face soon ames!

Heidi Mitchell said...

Your tree is AMAZING, and those sweaters are terrible! So mission accomplished, I guess!