Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tara : Family Session

This week, I will be a photo editing machine. Four shoots - count them - FOUR, that I will be processing and editing. Why the rush? Well, aside from wanting to make our clients super happy, in t-minus 9 days Ben and I will be waving bon voyage to land, and cruising away on a massive vessel headed toward Cozumel, Mexico. Oh vacation...I have been dreaming of you for months...(sigh).

I digress. :)

Tara contacted us after hearing about our photography through a mutual friend, Denise (Avalon's mommy). Cool little side note: Tara also lived in Lake Wales (my hometown) years ago, and I went to school with 2 of her younger siblings. Small world!

Tara is the mother of 2 beautiful girls - Star and Ella (awesome names, right?). When we met them in Mt. Dora, I immediately knew that we were going to have a blast. Ella is the youngest and is quite the "free spirit." She is full of life, and spent most of the shoot in her own little world - which resulted in some super cute photos. :)

Star is the older sister; though she was feeling under the weather on the day of the shoot, she put a huge smile on her face and stuck it out like a trooper. Since I'm a big baby when it comes to being sick, I admired her willingness to do anything we needed her to do. I also loved watching her "sister" interaction with Ella; she's patient and loving - a great example of a fabulous big sister.

Tara, you've done an amazing job of raising two incredible daughters! We had so much fun hanging out with your family! :)

Here's a few favorites from the day, starting with Ella:


Like I said - "Ella world." :)


Hello baby blues!


Sunsets rock.




Stunning, right?


A couple of Star and mom...


My favorite.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures of my girls. They had a great time. Mike

Anonymous said...

Ben & Amy you guys are a blessing to our family. We love the pics!!!

Proud grandparents of Star and Ella, Tom & Becky

COACH! said...

that dock pic is amazing.