Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Megan : Just Because Session

There are some people you just click with. They get you, you get them. Personalities mesh, and a bond is formed. Ben and I click, so I married him. Megan and I click, so I was totally thrilled when she asked us to photograph her.

Megan e-mailed us a couple of months ago, inquiring about a Senior portrait session. After receiving her message, I recall saying to Ben, "I like this chick." She's creative and quirky; a dynamite combination (and I'm not just saying that because I feel like I share similar qualities...;)) From coining the ridiculous phrase "photographying" to swapping witty comments with me on Facebook, Megan won me over. I'm a fan.

Megan, we had such a blast getting to know you, and photographying your Senior session. Thanks for sharing in our outrageousness - we click with you, and we love that. :)


Pretty lady. :)


Hello, awesome wall.


Winter Park has some fabulous scenery.


I believe this was when Megan suggested that Ben "lay on the ground." Nice advice.


My favorite from the shoot.


A close second.



Converse love. <3


The Photographee (: said...

Uhm, can you say freaking amazing photos? You guys are awesome. I don't think I've ever felt more beautiful. (Lame, right? haha)

Keep up the good work. I might hire your services for something else!

letty said...

Love the converse!! Makes me want a pair!!! Great photo's!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pearls with the jeans! Very pretty young lady.