Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Scheers : Family Session

Honestly, this may be the most difficult blog post I've had to write to date. What can be said about the Scheer family? They are quite the unique bunch, and I'm not sure that I'd be able to take on the task of describing them all by myself. So Ben and I are going to tag team it. That's right; one blog post, two bloggers. The Scheer family is just that special.

I'll go first...since I'm already typing. 

There are 5 parts that make up the Scheer family as a whole; Bill (Dad and Hubby), Letty (Mom and Wifey), Shanai (Oldest Daughter and Sister), Brianna (Youngest Daughter and Sister), and Seth (Son and The "Baby" - but don't even think about calling him that). 

At the risk of sounding cliche, Bill and Letty are two of the greatest people I've ever met. No really, I'm not just saying that. Individually, they are each truly fantastic. Together, they are an unstoppable force. Like X-Men. Or peanut butter and jelly. 

On a more serious note, Bill and Letty are incredible friends to Ben and I, and a couple that we look up to in the marriage department. Their shared love for God is overwhelmingly evident, and that seeps into their sincere love and devotion for each other, and for other people.

I get so sentimental on this thing. :)

Bill and Letty have raised three fabulous children - each with a different personality, but the same love and respect for God, their family, and others. Ben and I pray every night that we will have children who are half as awesome as Shanai, Brianna, and Seth. I'm almost certain that the odds are against us from hearing stories about Ben as a kid, but we can dream, right? :)

I think I have to leave room for Ben somewhere on here, so I should stop. I'm a rambler in every form of communication. Yes, this means that I am that person who leaves 5 minute long voicemails and writes unnecessarily long-winded e-mails. Somebody should really be monitoring me on this thing or I'll just type for days. See? It's like an obsession. Ok. I'm done.


Yo. Ben here, and let me first start by letting you know that Amy has dropped the mouse under the couch three times in the last 20 minutes. You might be wondering how that's possible. Me too.

Anyway, allow me to say a couple quick things about the outrageousness that is so mildly represented in the photos below. 

Bill, Letty, Nai, Bri and Seth; you guys are an absolute riot. You are the family that everyone wants to hang out with. Maybe it's the Rican flavor to the home cooking or the fact that you're sure to depart with sore abdominal muscles from excessive laughter. Or maybe it's that you guys actually care about people. Whatever the reason, just know that your company is in high demand, so thanks for letting us share so much time with your crew.

If I were to try my best to describe this family, I would have to employ a familiar tool; the metaphor...

The Scheer family is exactly like a good tank. You've seen them; the kind with the arm holes that stretch all the way down to the hips. Arms are free to move and sway as they were intended and each part of the upper body unrestricted for whatever it takes to "lift heavy." In a word, total "comfort." 

That's what you feel around these guys. Comfort. And it's a truly refreshing experience.

Here's some from the family shoot we did with the Scheer's:










Letty and Bill.




Hot mama! (*p.s. this is Amy again. That could have gotten a little weird and creepy.)


The whole gang.


Pretty accurate. :)


Letty said...

I have always loved your blogs because you guys really get personal with the people you are photographing. I didn't really know what to expect for us because we are so ... well... "different".. ha ha. Sometimes a scary thing. But, reading our blog, I was crying and laughing at the same time!! Thanks a lot!! I loved the comment about the X-men or Peanut Butter and Jelly.... and must not forget the awesome metaphor! Just when I thought we were done with the tanks!!! ha ha.... Thanks again you two! You guys are so talented and so loved!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Fun to look at them.
Love, Nana

W said...

Happy anniversary, guys. You all look amazing and amazingly happy. Congrats...