Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diane & Derek : Engagement Session

Diane and Derek truly are a picture perfect pair (in the cliched sense, and literally. :)). They are down-to-earth, and by observing them together, I have concluded that their relationship really speaks for itself - without using any words. The comfortable love that they share for each other is evident with every doting glance exchanged. It's apparent with every instinctual grab of the hand, or tender kiss on the forehead. There is a genuine friendship at the heart of their romance, and I found myself feeling refreshed after simply hanging out with them. There's something to be said about a couple who is able to maintain a solid friendship at the core of their bond. In Diane and Derek's case, I believe that the "something" is this - they will have a fabulous marriage. :)

Diane and Derek will be getting hitched on beautiful Anna Maria Island in March. We are so excited for their wedding. In fact, we feel like we're almost just as thrilled as they are. Almost. ;)

Here's a few more from their engagement shoot at Hollis Gardens:



Well hello exotic jungle in the middle of Florida! :)


Derek has good taste. 


My personal fave.


Diane's view...


....and Derek's. Isn't she stunning? Did I mention that Diane is my second cousin? What can I say? Good looks run in the family. (kidding! :))


Heidi Mitchell said...

I've never shot a Hollis gardens before. It looks so pretty! Gorgeous photos! I have a March wedding in Anna Maria Island at the Sandbar and I CAN'T wait!!!

Ben and Amy said...

Heidi, Hollis Gardens is one of our new favorite spots! You really don't run out of amazing scenery! :)

Wilmer Diaz said...

The picture with the ring is great. You guys are amazingly talented.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. Diane is so photogenic! She is beautiful in person, but these pictures are breathtaking. Great job, guys!
Love, Nana

Letty said...

Wow! Those pictures are awesome. You guys are amazing. :o) Letty