Monday, August 18, 2008

"Totally" Fabulous.

Ben and I just purchased Totally Rad Actions (used in Photoshop to help create artistic, dramatic effects to photos). We are SO thrilled...they are more fantastic than we could have ever imagined! I think I might be a little obnoxious with how obsessed I already am...I keep shouting across the house to Ben: "Ooooh! Come look at what I just did to this photo!" and "Cooooool! Check this one out!" He's probably slightly overwhelmed with my 5-year-old giddiness. However, I think deep down he wants to squeal with excitement too. But guys don't really squeal, I guess. He's keeping it cool and collected to maintain his manliness. Understandable.

Here's a peek at what these actions have to offer:

(Before - original image, straight out of the camera)

(After - the difference is insane. It changes the whole effect of the image)

The cool thing about these actions is that they are totally customizable. They give you a great effect to start with, and then you are able to tweak your photo as you see fit to really "make it your own." Expect to see some of this in the future of our photo editing!

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Ashley McCormick Photography said...

Girl, you've been an updatin' fool since I last checked your blog. These photos are awesome!