Saturday, August 16, 2008

Elisha : Just Because Session

Elisha is the kind of subject every photographer wants to shoot; vibrant (natural!!) red hair, flawless skin, and a contagious smile (that you never have to actually ask for- it's always planted on her face). Lucky for us, she's also a really close friend of ours, so getting to hang out with her was like icing on the cake. :)

Elisha's shoot took place in downtown Ft. Myers. Great buildings + great scenery + great weather= some pretty fabulous photos. Elisha was a trooper, and let us gather inspiration while we walked all around the area (we made a Starbucks pit stop along the way to refuel). After finding brightly colored walls, pretty greenery, staircases, a fountain, and even venturing to the top of a parking garage, we chalked this portrait session up as a huge success. Some of the best from the day:

Loving this blue wall so much.

This staircase  is located in an alley, which makes the overall effect of the photo really dark and grungy.

Told you her smile is contagious.

This one graces the homepage of our website.

One of my absolute favorites. She looks so strong and confident...above the city. :)

Apparently, we like this fountain shot a lot (*see Ronnie and Shannon's engagement session). But it's just so creative and fun! 


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering who this adorable redhead is!! Now I know. Great pictures -- beautiful girl.

Elisha said...

Aw, thanks you guys! I had so much fun, and that smile is so natural because I had two of my favorite people following me around all day! Who wouldn't smile at that?! :) I love you both!