Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

We moved into our very first home about a month ago! While it's definitely still a work-in-progress, we wanted to share some recent photos. Welcome to the Starks' residence. :)

Big back yard.

Guest Room. One of our biggest projects. Right now, we have 2 guitars and a bed in this room. It needs some work.

The office (a.k.a. "Shirley's room"...see a few posts prior to this :))

Living Room. (*Note the gate by our bedroom door. It's like we're living with a small child)

Ben and some of his friends built this shelf! He is basically a Jack of all trades.

Our bedroom.

Master Bathroom.

Guest Bathroom.

Kitchen. Putter followed me everywhere while I was taking photos.

Dining Room.

More Kitchen. I love the green so much! It should be mentioned that Ben also laid the floor in here. What can't he do?!

Our casa. :)


Ron said...

Wow! Your new crib is beautiful! Congrats guys! Can't wait to hang out!

Anonymous said...

Really cute house. Looking forward to visiting you there!
Love you bunches,