Friday, August 22, 2008

This blog entry is geared toward the easily amused. is a website, set up to create a slogan out of anything. Type in a word, name, title, etc, and watch Sloganizer create a catchy tagline. 

Behold, the product of mindless entertainment:

  • "Starks Photography loves you." 

    (It's true, my friends. We do.)

  • "Call a friend, Call Starks Photography."

    (Give us a ring, we're here for you.)

  • "Starks Photography is a female force."

    (A personal favorite of mine. :))

  • "Starks Photography - Spice up your life!"

    (Kick it up a notch!)

  • "Don't play with fire, play with Starks Photography."

    (Safety first is always a priority.)

  • "Starks Photography? Yes please."

    (Was there another option?)

  • "Starks Photography, since 1845."

    (Yes, really.)

  • "Starks Photography Dreamteam."

    (Or Dynamic Duo. Whichever you'd prefer.)

  • "Food or Starks Photography? I'll have Starks Photography."

  • (It's all about sacrifices.)

  • "With a name like Starks Photography, it has to be good."

    (Of course!)


    Ashley McCormick Photography said...

    Ha! That's great!! Those are really cute! I had so much fun with you today :) We'll definitely have to do it again soon!

    Shirley said...

    i realized...i should be commenting on your here goes nothing...haha. this one made me laugh alot.