Friday, August 15, 2008

Shirley : Just Because Session

Bottom line: Shirley rocks. She's one of our greatest friends, and we love every second we get to spend with her. We love her so much, that we have deemed a room in our house "Shirley's room"; some people confuse it for the "office," but Shirl is pretty territorial when it comes to her space. I'm fairly certain she'll move in for good one of these days. 

During one of Shirley's visits, we decided to shoot some photos. Shirl is super photogenic, and really creative (she's one of the fabulous hairdressers at Green Peridot Salon in Tallahassee), so we had a ton of fun photographing her. We did the shoot in downtown Kissimmee. Most people who know about Kissimmee wouldn't really think of it as a stellar photography location, but we stretched ourselves a bit and found some decent spots. Gas is steep, and we lived close. You learn to work with what you've got.

We basically love all of Shirley's photos, but since we don't want to overwhelm the blog (or seem creepily obsessed with Shirl), we've narrowed it down to these:

This door is fantastic. What's behind the door is probably less fantastic, and actually pretty sketchy.

These railroad tracks were a great find.

Seriously. How pretty is she?!

Tattoos always make things more interesting.

This red chair was sitting out in front of a pottery store. Ben grabbed it and repositioned it for this photo, and I'm pretty sure the lady inside the store thought we were trying to steal her chair. Good thing Ben is such a sweet talker. We got to use the chair, and we got some flyers about pottery painting.

We heart you, Shirl.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. She is as nice as she is pretty!
Enjoyed seeing her in this way.

Shirley said...

this was such a fun day!! i absolutely love you both tremendously. umm and hey thanks for that GP shout out. and also thank you for posting for all the world to see the the office is MINE. : ) ill be sleeping in it in the near future.
ps. nana's comment was so sweet!