Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freshen Up!

Today was a grey sweatpants day for me.

Do you ever have days when, as soon as you get up, you know exactly what item of clothing you're reaching for in your closet? In college, I had a pair of blue sweatpants that I referred to as my "paper-writing pants." Whenever I came out of my room wearing the blue pants, Ben knew I was going to be hunched over my laptop, chewing my nails, trying to figure out how to stretch my margins in a way that would look inconspicuous to my professor, but lengthen my assignment by half a page.

My grey sweatpants are saved for days when I know I'm going to be in over my head with photography-related tasks.

Ironically, my grey sweatpants and my blue sweatpants are both accompanied by my no-makeup face, glasses-covered eyes, and messy-bun hair. Interesting.

So, in hopes of fulfilling their purpose, my grey sweatpants instilled some motivation in me to be business-focused.

You may have noticed my absence around here recently (or maybe not. Meanie.), and there's good reason for that. Other than having a life outside blogging-world (Gasp! Whaaaaat??!), Ben and I have been busy configuring new plans for our photog biz. There's going to be a whole lotta freshness around these parts pretty soon, so make sure you stay tuned for all the fabulousness to ensue! 

  And since we're super thrilled about the future announcements, we may just have to throw in a cool prize, deal or contest to emphasize our excitement! So if my intriguing, elusive info above didn't hook you, the chance to score free stuff should! 

Here's a little peek at one of the recently developed changes....

Brand-spanking-new logo!


One may ask, what was wrong with your old logo? Well, in short, nothing. We loved our logo. It served us well over the last year. However, since we're heading in a new direction (there's that word again!), we wanted something funky-fresh. We think it's really important to define our style in all aspects of our business, and we feel that this new logo screams "us." It's modern, a little edgy, chic, and brings an element of contrast - and we'd like to believe that our photography style embodies all of these things!


Ashley McCormick Photography said...

Love the new logo!! Man, do I wish I had two heads to put together for my business... I think it really helps to have two creative minds working on one thing! I can't wait to see your changes!

andrewsale said...

Super excited about the changes, and super stoked to see you guys in a couple of weeks. love the new logo, and I think you are right, it does fit your style. look forward to seeing what's next!

Gabby said...

I have a pair of gray sweatpants that are my "paper writing, project creating, speech interpreting" pants. And I do the SAME thing with the margins.


Andrew said...

Me? I just think of whatever words are bigger that say the same exact thing I'm meaning to say to take up more space or a lot of words that say the same exact thing as one big word... All the while trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, of course! Word to the wise: most professor's don't get out a ruler or tend to notice if they request double spaced text and you increase it to 2.25, especially if its turned in on paper instead of via e-mail. Trust me, it helps A LOT! Especially when the paper is supposed to be 5 or more pages... :-D

Kim Kalyn said...

Can't wait to see the changes !!

PS - your new logo ... flippin rocks :)

Ben and Amy said...
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Ben and Amy said...

Ashley, It is really nice! We balance each other out in a lot of areas. However, there is more room for disagreement too. But that could just be the husband/wife thing. haha.

Andrew, Thanks for the feedback!! And we are SUPER thrilled about seeing you and your wifey so soon too! :)

Gabby, aren't those kind of clothes the best?! My blue pants have been retired due to massive holes and zero elastic left. RIP. :(

Andrew, I think it's hilarious that college students are always looking for ways to cut corners! It's all about how to make your life easier! :)

Kim, Thank you!! We're pretty stoked about it too! :)

(*apparently I have spelling issues and had to delete my own comment a second ago. haha.)