Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amy & Chad : Sneak Peek!

Let me tell you a little something about vacation. It's a lot like ice cream. You allow yourself to indulge - nothing too crazy, just a little scoop or two - and it's heaven. You are suddenly taken to a place where nothing else matters but brownie fudge chunks and swirls of caramel.

And then it hits.

That after-effect of your dessert satisfaction (ok, so maybe it was more like 3 or 4 scoops) where you start to contemplate exactly how many calories of creamy goodness are currently finding their way to your thighs.

Don't you hate that reality check? It's like, why can't I just be back in naive Ben and Jerry's bliss for a few more minutes?

So, vacation is a lot like ice cream. You partake, you indulge, you enjoy, and then your regular life punishes you for taking a break by offering responsibility and an inbox full of 78 e-mails upon your arrival home. Return the carton to the freezer and hop on the treadmill - hey, it was good while it lasted.

I didn't write this post to simply detail a silly metaphor - purpose is well on it's way.

We had the privilege of photographing not one, but two beautiful weddings this past weekend (and had the opportunity to bask in the aforementioned  vacation time). 

The first was Amy and Chad's wedding. 

Amy and Chad were married at the The Tavern in the Gardens in Port Orange, FL. (Note to future brides - this place is fabulous!) The day was absolutely gorgeous, and Ben and I truly enjoyed every minute we were there. Since this is a sneak peek, I won't let myself get too wordy - check out these five that we pulled from the bunch. More to come soon! 

The girl knows how to work the camera. Seriously.



Walking her down the aisle. One of my favorite moments at a wedding.


During the ceremony. This moment was so intimate and sweet.



Congrats you guys! Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon! :)

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bride, handsome groom, great pictures -- can't wait to see more!
And I identify with the vacation comments!
Love you bunches,