Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Proposal.

Here at Starks Photography, we strive to stay in touch with what's going on in our world. I'd consider myself to be politically informed (well, if you count People magazine as a reputable news source), so I felt a strong urgency to write a blog post detailing my thoughts on the current state of our fiscal lows and woes.

Ok, not really.

But I do have a proposition (and a super cute, colorful chart!) that coincides with the ever popular dinner table conversation topic - the economic crisis

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear - I am well aware that the recession is no laughing matter. We are in the middle of extremely trying times, and lots of lives are being affected along the way. That being said, I refuse to sulk underneath a gloomy rain cloud while we're in a rut. There's a little sunlight that wants to peek her head out, and I'm going to allow it to happen. There's not much worse than sporting a pouty lip in an already somber circumstance, so I'm plastering a smile on my face for the sake of optimism. I'm not naive, nor running for the Suzie Sunshine award, but I am making a choice to remain hopeful. 

Did I promise not to detail my thoughts? I got a little carried away for a minute. Back to the point, here. 

Since President Obama has implemented a new stimulus package for the economy, we felt like it would only be appropriate if we offered a little "boost" of our own. Regardless of your opinions on President Obama's plan (*re-read above paragraph if you're feeling pessimistic :)), we're hoping that there won't be much opposition to ours:


Please try to stay neutral when reading over our plan - no matter what side of the fence you stand on. The proposal has already passed in the House(hold), and Putter's Kennel - unanimously. We're hoping that this plan will provide some relief to the hardworking, photogenic people living in our country. Thanks for tuning in. 

Feel free to e-mail us with questions regarding the above info! We look forward to hearing from you! :)

(Um, p.s. Happy Valentine's Day! I keep forgetting it's today.)

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