Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LWHS Cheerleading Squads.

Six years ago (yes, I just counted on my fingers) I was a Senior at Lake Wales High School, and captain of our Varsity Cheerleading squad. So not only does this blog post make me feel old, but it also stirs up a disturbing urge to find my old uniform, try it on, and - if it fits - prance around our house reciting chants and turning back handsprings. For the sake of my muscles, my self-esteem, and the questioning of my sanity, I will refrain.

We photographed the JV and Varsity squads (along with their "little sisters") last month at Lake Aurora. The experience was out-of-the-ordinary for us, as we are more used to running around snapping candids versus standing in one area for posed photos. Nevertheless, we had fun and the cheerleaders were super easy to work with. And by "we had fun" I mean "I had fun, and Ben was slightly overwhelmed and out of his element." :)

Here's a few team shots from the day:

Junior Varsity


Being silly. :)




Another ode to ridiculousness.


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Ashley McCormick Photography said...

I love that you can tell who is friends with who, because they make the same goofy faces. Too funny!