Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chandra & Andrew : Just Because Session

My nose was stuffy. My sinuses were throbbing. My voice sounded a bit man-ish. I spent most of yesterday in my sweats, under a blanket, placing balled-up tissues in a pile next to me on the couch. The expression "I feel like I've been hit by a truck" rang true for me--I was miserably, pathetically, self-pityingly sick

As I began getting ready for our shoot that day, I remember thinking, "Just get through this without passing out." And I did. In fact, I forgot all about being sick while hanging out with, and snapping photos of Chandra and Andrew. Apparently, doing what I love, with the man that I love, while spending time with an insanely awesome couple was just what I needed. 

We've known Chandra and Andrew for some time, but through this session, I feel like we really connected. We wish they lived closer, because they are the kind of couple who you want living next door to you. They're easy to talk to, hysterical, super fun and energetic, and completely down-to-earth. They have perfect chemistry, which translates into amazing photos. Interaction in front of a camera is sometimes awkward for couples, but Chandra and Andrew were comfortable from the first click. They aren't afraid to be silly, or romantic, and they totally allow their true personalities to shine through. And that is more than we could ever ask for from our clients. :)

We had a chance to grab Starbucks with Chandra and Andrew after the shoot, and chat about tattoos, life, and photography. :) Chandra is an aspiring photographer, and she wanted to ask us a few questions about how we got into the biz. It was so cool to have a conversation with someone who shares our passion. When we were starting out, we relied on experienced photographers to help us learn the ropes. So we were more than happy to be able to extend the same support to Chandra. We have no doubt that she'll have tons of success in the photog business. :)

Chandra and Andrew, you guys are fabulous. Thank you for being the medicine that I needed. :) Call us up if you're ever in town!

We had such a hard time choosing favorites, but here's a few from the shoot:


My favorite from the day.


Ben's fave.


Hello fantastic red shoes! :)


Super cute.





Who knew that a busted van seat would make such a great prop?!


Ok, I am so excited to post this last one. This is something that Ben and I have wanted to do for awhile now -- a "Personality Box." We told Chandra and Andrew what we were looking for, and they completely unleashed. We were practically in tears from laughing so hard while trying to choose 9 for the box. Thank you guys for setting the bar really, really high for future Personality Boxes. :)


Anonymous said...

Every picture seems to say "HAPPY!!"
What a great couple!

Chandra said...

We are so excited to see the rest of the pictures and really love the ones on here! Thank you two very much for taking our pictures. We had so much fun with the two of you. If we are ever in your area, we will let you know. If you are ever in our area, we will make sure the guest bed sheets are nice and clean smelling for you.


Mary Marantz said...

they are so cute! awesome job on these! I hope you're feeling better!