Thursday, October 30, 2008


After much anticipation, it's here. The debut of my blogging efforts. 

"Wait, who is this mysterious blogger?"

I'm glad you asked. 

This is the other half of Starks Photography; Benjamin Tyler Starks. Together, Amy and I make up "the face" of Starks Photography. Hang on, let's run with that...

In this case, Amy would be the half of the face that we all have; you know, the "good side." We hear it (and say it) all the time- "Take the picture from over here, this is my good side!" 

Well that's her.

Me? I'm the side of the face with all of the issues. I'm the side with the dried up drool and the crusty sleep still in the eye.

I know, it's not glamorous, but someone has to be that side.


If you are somehow still reading this, I would like to inform you that there is more to this post than rambling and poor metaphors. It's called "Ben's 30 before 30" and I've attached it below. 

Enjoy. You've earned it.




Jessica said...

Hey Ben, You and Amy can always come build a snowman in Columbus with me! You are welcome anytime!


Letty said...

OK, well I am not young, but you guys can surely teach me the photography business! I can put on a crazy "I heart boys" t-shirt and act young.... tee hee NOT happening!

Anonymous said...

Love your list -- lots of travel opportunities there!
Of course you can do it all!
Love you,

Megan T. said...

dude, you could totally help this young photographer out! Go ahead and get ready to cross that one off. (; Expect nothing but greatness!

Jenny A said...

nice list ben! first of all... camping could be done this weekend. you should go. right now. just grab some hamburgers (because your wife doesn't do hot dogs) amy, putter, matches, a few sleeping bags, a tent and a cooler and go. I'm going this weekend. You guys should too!

Secondly, parasailing is AWESOME! it's not too expensive either. I went with my family when I graduated high school and it was $200 for four people. I'm pretty sure it's like $50 a person...

I love this list. A lot of those things are relatively close to things my Ben and I are planning on doing, or want to do after we get married. Good luck with them all!