Friday, September 26, 2008

Focus Meeting #1.

It was one of those days today. An overwhelming feeling of oh-man-I-want-to-be-productive washed over me, and I knew I'd better run with it. Because self-admittedly, more often, I get an overwhelming feeling of oh-man-I'll-just-sit-here-eating-pringles-and-watching-House. ;) 

Ben and I started our morning out right with a Starbucks run. Over a pumpkin spice latte (*my drink of choice; sidenote: I can't even begin to describe how excited I get when seasonal Starbucks beverages come back into play!), and a Carmel frap (for Ben), we got down to business. Photography was the subject matter at hand, and we knew we wanted to cover a lot of ground and discuss nitty gritty details about our entrepreneurship. The juices started flowing, and before we knew it, we had ideas spewing out like a broken water line. Days like today remind me of just how lucky I am; I'm not only married to the most fabulous man in the world - I also have the privilege of working along side of him. Ben is talented, ambitious, thoughtful, and creative. He rocks my thinking, and keeps me balanced; serving his purpose as my "better half." :)

On a less sappy note, we got a lot accomplished. We set goals, reorganized logistics, and swapped feedback. 

A sneak peek of things to come...
  • Project: Fresh Perspective (the name is still up in the air, but we're stoked about this!)
  • New business cards
  • A revamped logo (already in the works)

  • Shifting "gear" (pun definitely intended)

  • Restructured packaging and pricing and services...oh my. :)

  • We felt so good after our chat, that we decided to make it a monthly occurrence. After we meet, we'll recap our brainstorm on our blog. Being the photography dorks that we are, we're calling these our "focus" meetings. Cute, right?

    Be looking out for some snazzy updates to our biz in the very near future. 

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    Ashley McCormick Photography said...

    Exciiiiiiting!! Especially the "gear" switching! Can't wait to see all the new things!!