Monday, September 22, 2008

Brittney & Austin - Engagement

Seriously, how cute are they?

One of my favorites of the bunch!

Right by this amazing arcade at Church Street.

Bling, bling. ;)

Next contestants for So You Think You Can Dance?

Precious. :)

Can you tell that Brittney used to model? This face is priceless. haha.
So intimate...

True personalities shining through... :)

Congrats you two! See you soon!


Heidi Mitchell said...

Beautiful! Such a cute couple!

Bethney said...

These look so great Amy! I can't wait for the wedding. Backhaus weddings are always the best, be prepared to see their grandpa dance with me the entire night.

Ben and Amy said...

Bethney, I seriously cannot wait to witness that. haha.

jordan @greenflamingophoto said...

so sweet!

Studio222 Photography said...

LOVE the one next to the train