Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Putter!

Since I'm an honest person, I'm going to admit something that may make me susceptible to judgment. Today is not actually Putter's birthday. His birthday was on February 15. Well, sort of. Seven months ago we brought Putter home from the Orange County Animal Shelter, and they told us that he was about 5 months old. We chose a random date for his birthday based on that assumption. So basically, today could be Putter's birthday, but that just sounds like my lame attempt at justification for my neglecting to announce his big day a couple of weeks ago. I hope this isn't a glimpse into motherhood - I'll be blogging about my kid's 2nd birthday when he or she is like, 14.

Annnnyway, we did celebrate on Putter's actual birthday. He did get a monstrous bone (which he promptly destroyed), extra food in his bowl, and a whole lot of hugs and kisses. Putter makes our little family complete, and we couldn't imagine life without him in it. Check out his awesome b-day photo below:


(Any real birthday hat wouldn't have stood a chance on his head.)


Jenny Anderson said...

Hahahaha! I love it! For Macy's first birthday (which was on Christmas... so we like to believe)She was 12 weeks when we got her in March last year, and counting back she was born then somewhere between the 21st of December and the 28th. So we settled in the middle, called it Christmas so we wouldn't ever forget. We made her wear a santa hat, (just for pictures) and im pretty sure she hated us for a whole ten minutes... I miss you guys!

tinap said...

Only three more years until Putter settles down. He'll be 28 in male people years....and probably content to sit on the couch and watch golf or something with Ben. No longer will he have the energy to chase the imaginary "ladies" anymore.

Love you,
Aunt Tina

Lindsay Wood said...

how adorable!