Monday, January 5, 2009

The Ultimate Poll.

Ok. So let me break this down.

A couple of days ago, I  mentioned to Ben how cool it would be to adopt a second puppy from the shelter. I have a totally logical argument for this seemingly crazy thought, and I have mapped it out below:

  • Putter needs a friend to play with. A furry, energetic friend.

  • Animals from the shelter need lots of love.

  • Puppy eyes are just irresistable.

  • A second dog is easier than a first kid at this point.

  • Pretty please.

  • I think my points are quite reasonable, and fully comprehensible. From what I understand, this is Ben's counter-argument:

  • No.

  • B.o.r.i.n.g. What kind of rationalization is that?!

    Since we are completely sensible individuals, we are doing what two completely sensible individuals would do in a situation like this: we're leaving it up to all of you. That's right. A life decision - all in your hands. Take 5 seconds to fill out our poll below, and help us end this ridiculous disagreement once and for all.
    (**Edit: The poll will end on Tuesday, December 6, at 10:30PM.)

    Don't let anything sway your decision - vote with your heart...


    (Oh, don't judge me - it's called strategy.)


    Jenny Anderson said...

    You have to adopt another puppy... hahaha. Those were my exact argument points for Ben and he said no too... haha. We went to the shelter just to play with dogs and we found out one that we planned on playing with was on the euthanasia list for that day. I freaked out and cried the entire time we played with her knowing that we were not able to save her and take her home... so I need you to adopt one so I can live vicariously through you.

    Ben: just let her. It's like one more bag of dog food and a few squeaky toys later... hahaha and you'll be saving a life!

    Lindsay Wood said...

    Ok, so two puppies are great, but it took us a looooong time to train our dogs not to fight/play in the house. BUT- they love playing with each other outside and they're just like a married dog couple :) I don't know what your yard is like, but hopefully it's a good size! Also, if you travel, you have to consider how you're going to find a home/sitter for 2 dogs now.

    Ok, those are my points. I'm all for lots of shelter puppies!!

    Kala Borders said...

    Amy, Definatley get another puppy!We have two dogs (their brothers) but they love each other. Don't get me wrong they have their battles over being the "Alpha" dog--typical between males, but they always have someone to play with!! Good Luck the looks of polls, Your in the Lead!!

    Anonymous said...

    I vote for #3, have a baby instead!

    ~Preggo McPregerson-Schwingel

    Helen said...

    Go for it! And... has Ben seen the ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan?

    Anonymous said...

    My vote is YES! The more the merrier! If you have one - you might as well have two! Ben - you know I will never interfere with your married life decisions....except when it comes to puppies! (and babies...but, we are not talking about babies - just puppies! See - it could be worse Ben... :)

    But I have a concern - Mike voted first...and I am pretty sure we all know how he voted...and I am pretty sure I would have voted just make sure you keep the polls open until at least tomorrow so that I can vote from my school computer - and have all my friends vote too! :)

    Much Love -

    Anonymous said...



    Anonymous said...

    See how things would have turned out if I had let Mike decide about puppies in our house? I'm just saying'...... :)


    Ben and Amy said...

    Thanks for all the response, everyone! :)

    Mom, I will keep the poll open an extra day, just for you. :)

    Dad, what the heck?! Don't act like you don't really love having two puppies. Siding with Ben - how predictable. ;)

    Autumn Olive said...

    Your work is amazing!! Cannot wait to see more! ~Cristen