Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So I've been slouched in our (uncomfortable) desk chair for the last couple of weeks (well, with some breaks), slaving away in Photoshop. My mission? Creating a border for our images. We decided that it's important to border our photos for a couple of reasons. One, any crazies who try to steal our work won't be able to because our logo will be slapped on the front of the image (you know, because we're that good, and photographers are always trying to grip our stuff ;)). Two, having a border will help our images become distinct; we will have a "signature" frame on every one. And three, well, borders just look cool. Trying to figure out which border looks best has been my biggest challenge. I am doomed to be indecisive forever, and Ben doesn't help much because he claims to "love" everything I come up with. After many test runs, I think I've finally nailed it: 

Simple and clean. My task is complete.


Megan! (: said...

I like it. Good job, Amy. It looks really good. (: I feel ya on the indecisive part!

Ashley McCormick Photography said...

I really like it! Very clean, and great watermark. I can't wait until tomorrow!!