Sunday, June 29, 2008

Melissa and Eric - Engagement Session

Friends of ours are getting married in July, and they asked us to take some engagement photos. We went to St. Cloud "beach" to get a few shots (which is really just a large amount of sand with playground equipment on it). The area has sentimental value for Melissa and Eric. In fact, during our shoot they actually recreated the moment when Eric officially asked Melissa to be his girlfriend. Very cute. :) Congrats guys!

Here's a few of our favorites from the day:

St. Cloud beach ended up producing some really nice scenery!

So, Melissa and Eric are moving to Ohio shortly after their wedding, and they brought along a couple of Cleveland Indians hats to take photos with. As we were walking around, looking for inspiration, we found this street sign - notice the completely appropriate name. :) 

This little church was perfect for cool angles. And the stained glass is amazing.

I love the vintage feel of this photo. Eric totally rocked the aviators.

Stairs shot.

 This last image totally captures their personalities...Converse sneakers and heels. (We've also been using this as our new graphic, so I guess we like it a LOT! :))

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Ashley McCormick Photography said...

Hey guys!! I love the photo of this couple in front of the door, ya gotta love a great door! Hope you're settling into you home well :) We need to get together soon!